Salesforce Revenue Cloud


Overview of Vendor Requirements:

1. Contracting and quote creation for various accounts.
2. Historic quotes & contracts will be sent from another system.
3. Changes to pricing model determined by an external system.
4. Account based variation in the type of contracts.
5. Bundling of products and adhoc bundle creation for Sales folks.
6. Discount based approval process.
7. Product pricing changes via API from external system.
8. Easy repeatable contracts with minor changes for new clients.
9. Cloning quotes for re-use.
10. Document signing and contract validation.
11. Support multiple tiered pricing.
12. Cost estimator and pricing rules.


1. Salesforce Sales Cloud
2. CPQ
3. Financial Force
4. AWS
5. Heroku
6. Internal Application
7. Salesforce Service Cloud
8. Slack
9. Sharepoint

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